For Dental Professionals

We are pleased to introduce our Australian made clear aligners for orthodontic tooth movement. Our aligners are made from clear PETG thermoplastic sheets with a thickness of approximately 0.5mm. These are thermo-formed over a series of 3D printed models, which are incrementally adjusted on a digital platform for the ideal tooth alignment, in accordance with Best Practice guidelines. All treatment is planned by you, in close collaboration with the Newdontic team.

For dentist with intra-oral or desktop scanners, we accept scans in STL file format for use in our open-source software. There are no licence fees or 'lock-in' clauses.

Naturally, we accept all dental stone models and rubber based impressions as well. 

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Newdontic  is happy to do the digital planning under your guidance, and for dentist who would like to be more hands on, the easy to use free software puts case management completely in your control. You can select the number of aligners, move the teeth and select where the tooth's pivot point will be.

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Complete your Newdontic treatment in style

  1. Passive fit. As the retainer is made to fit accurately on the surface of the model there is no tension on the teeth or risk of the teeth moving out of alignment.

  2. Cementation pads. The pads are bonded in the same way as bonding orthodontic brackets.

  3. Hygienic design. The retainer is slightly more rigid and less flexible than orthodontic wire. This means that the retainer can be designed for flossing.

  4. The retainer can be extended to the premolars and beyond.

  5. Comfortable and out of bite.

  6. Titanium can be anodised in Gold or Pink for better aesthetics. 

  7. Two versions are available: Ti5Flex in Grade 5 Titanium CastFlex in Titanium Alloy.

The Ti5Flex retainer wire is a 3D printed retainer made from grade 5 Titanium. Newdontic's retainer development is a world first and totally unique. Out of bite, it fits perfectly and passively to the contour of the teeth. An innovative solution for end of orthodontic treatment.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners